Faux Is The Way To Go

High Fashion Brands Who Have Ditched Real Fur

The fashion world has spoken. Real fur is out, and faux is in. With high quality alternatives not only readily available, but often being better quality than the real thing, your favorite designers are joining the ethical route and pledging to eradicate real fur from their collections moving forward.

Read from our friends at Vogue for the full wrap up, or see below for a few of our most notable.


Burberry announced it would be banning real fur, starting from its spring/summer 2018 show in September of 2018. “Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible. This belief is core to us at Burberry and key to our long-term success,” said chief executive Marco Gobbetti.

One of the biggest designers to publicly denounce the use of fur, Gucci revealed it will remove all animal fur as of its spring/summer ’18 show, and will rather transition to “luxurious” alternatives.

In true Donatella Versace fashion, once she decided it wasn’t in, fur was gone at Versace. “Fur? I’m out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right."

Unreal Fur 


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