Fame Blazer Inclusive
Fame Blazer Inclusive

Unreal Fur

$269 $389

Faux Fur & Vegan Jackets

Redefine cruelty-free styling with a faux fur jacket from our vegan outerwear collection. We created a collection of vegan jackets for the modern person who believes that no animal should be harmed in the making of beautiful garments.

There is a style in our collection of vegan jackets and coats that would work with anyone's taste. Every jacket is designed with quality in mind. Faux fur jackets are a versatile clothing piece that can be worn as part of your everyday look, or as the finishing touch to your bridal look.

For years we have worked to dismantle cruelty in the fashion industry. The rise of ethical fashion was slow moving. When we looked closer, we discovered a key design solution. Design a faux fur jacket collection that outshines using animals in a harmful way in the name of fashion.

Our faux fur jacket collection resonates with our socially responsible ethos and makes a statement with bold ethical style. Style with designer quality vegan jackets and join the ethical fashion revolution.