Our mission is to end the use of real fur and animal products in the fashion industry by designing with vegan materials of the best quality in the world.


For over a decade, Unreal Fur has been synonymous with ethical design. The independent, luxury outerwear label began with a sole mission to end animal cruelty in the fashion industry. They are achieving this by designing with vegan materials of the best quality in the world. Each season, the brand proves that animal-free materials are both viable and desirable options for creating an exquisite outerwear experience. 

Known for specializing in luxe faux fur and vegan leather pieces, Unreal Fur has grown into brand that caters to a diverse community of wearers worldwide. Their commitment to inclusive and ethical design has been recognized with two PETA Fashion Awards and a National Indigenous Fashion Award in 2022. 

Today, they are widely credited with leading the fashion industry's attitude toward a kinder approach to design, and garnering more consideration for the animals and people that it surrounds. 


Unreal Fur acknowledges the Kulin Nations as sovereign custodians of the land on which we work and extend their respects to ancestors and Elders past, present and emerging, and to all First Nations people.

Luxurious, timelessly elegant fashion without harming animals.