Caring For Your Fur


Your garment may have travelled far, and will need some love after unboxing.

Once opened, softly shake your new Unreal Fur upside down to eliminate any creases and unwanted flatness.

If it needs extra care, blow dry on medium heat for 2 and a half minutes. Be sure to keep the hair dryer at a distance of no less than 10cm to avoid damaging the fur. Do not allow the hair dryer to touch the fur.

Your fur can be brushed gently with a brush or lint roller after every wear to keep it soft and shapely.





Always hang your Unreal Fur on a broad, padded hanger to maintain the garment shape. When hanging your garment in the closet, allow room between your fur and your other garments to prevent matting.

Please note our faux furs are dry clean only and recommend a professional dry-cleaner who specialises in faux fur and faux leather.